Telepathy – Mind to Mind Communication

Telepathy is a psychic ability that occurs when a person gains information from another person’s mind from a distance. Originating from the words “tele”, which means distance, and “pathy”, which means feeling, essentially, telepathy is one person getting someone else’s feelings via distant communication between minds.

Telepathy is actually very common. Have you ever been thinking about someone and your phone rings and it is them? Ever just knew a loved one was having a rough day and they called you for support? Or how about when you and your partner say the same thing at the same time. Such mind to mind communication occurs more frequently than you may think.

Types of telepathy

There are various types of telepathy studied:

  • Emotive Telepathy- This involves the emotions. It occurs when emotions are transferred via kinesthetic sensations.
  • Superconscious Telepathy- This involves tapping into the great collective knowledge of humanity and getting messages from there.
  • Recognitive and Precognitive- This involves a sender being able to send messages having to do with the past, present, and future
  • Latent Telepathy- This occurs when the sender sends a message via the mind and the receiver receiving it, but there is a time-lag between the sending and receiving.

Good news about telepathy is that it is a psychic ability that can be practiced and honed. Here are some valuable tips on how you can master telepathy:

Practice with a partner. Find someone who is interested in telepathy also and practice together. To begin, one of you will be the sender and one will be the receiver. Try this while you are apart from each other in separate rooms or locations. If you’re the sender, send thoughts to the receiver with your mind. If you’re the receiver, quiet yourself and concentrate on receiving the thoughts. Write down any impressions that you get. Then, get together and see if the receiver was accurate. Switch it up and change roles so you both have a chance to send and receive.

Keep your faith. It’s important that both of you believe that telepathy is the real deal. If you doubt that it will work, chances are it won’t. Keep your faith up even if you run into some challenges along the way. As with many psychic skills, it takes practice and dedication to really step fully into the gift.

Practice meditation. Take time daily to sit quietly in meditation. This helps you to relax and quiet your mind of thoughts. This allows you to tap into your intuitive nature more easily. As you practice telepathy, remember to stay in that quiet, meditative mode so that you’re more apt to be focused whether sending or receiving messages.

Visualize the receiver. If you’re the sender, visualize the receiver as you send your thoughts. You can imagine that he is right in front of you. Feel his presence. See your thoughts going directly into his brain. Visualization is a powerful manifestation tool that will help with any psychic gift.

Feel the excitement and emotions. Just as it is important to spiritually see the receiver, it is also important to energetically feel the emotions you want to transmit. For example, if the thoughts you are sending have to do with a very happy event, feel the happy feelings in your body as you send the thoughts. Smile big or laugh heartily. When you have an emotional charge, the energy is more apt to transfer.

Stop if you become tired. If you are continually losing concentration or fatigue comes, allow yourself to stop and try again another time. If you continue on, you may become frustrated and quite weary. Telepathy works best when both sender and receiver are completely relaxed and refreshed. Regarding time limits, most people tend to stop after about 15 minutes of trying to send and receive messages.

Compare results. After each session, compare the results to see how you did. You may want to repeat the session at another time to see if you are improving. You don’t have to share the thoughts you were trying to convey, but you can if you choose. Just remember next session you’ll want to change up the messages you want to convey.

Be patient. As with cultivating any psychic gift, be patient and practice regularly. Not everyone is going to be able to tap into the gift of telepathy and that’s alright. If you keep trying and you’re not getting the results you want, give yourself permission to accept this fate. It’s fine. You can keep trying or you can move onto another gift perhaps. There are plenty of psychic gifts to practice.

If you want to become more telepathic, that’s wonderful. Continue to learn about the topic and read about those who have been quite successful with this ability. Enjoy your journey into the spiritual world, knowing that you are showing up in the world with all of your psychic ability in order to spread light and love.

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