What Is Tasseography?

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While not as common as other psychic abilities or techniques, Tasseography is still practiced by various clairvoyants primarily in the western tradition. Tasseography is the art or practice of divination and fortune telling by interpretation of signs found in tea leaves, coffee grounds or wine sediments. Essentially, it is well-known as the art of tea leaf reading.

A bit of history on Tasseography

The practice of Tasseography is assumed to have begun in France, and thus, was performed using wine sediments. The origin of the word comes from the French word for cup: tasse. The exact point of origin is difficult to concern given how old the practice is. Early evidence shows signs of the practice going as far back as medieval Europe, as some practitioners of that time are believed to have performed their divinations from splatters of wax, lead and other molten substances. After the establishment of the Dutch merchant’s route from China to Europe, which introduced tea to the Europeans, the more modern-day understanding became widely known in the seventeenth century because of this trade.

Can anyone perform Tasseography?

The general consensus is that most people can learn to perform Tasseography, but those that are intuitive will have an easier time. Of course, those that are willing to take the time to study the art and practice it are more inclined to be successful at it. Those that have a great desire to tap into their subconscious and grow in consciousness are more apt to get something out of the practice.

How Tasseography works

Tasseography works by a reader being able to gain insight from the patterns left by the tea leaves, coffee grinds, or wine. Learning the patterns associated with various insights will help you in getting the answers you’re after. There are astrological teacups and saucers available that may aid your clairvoyant efforts, but are not essential. All you need to start is a teacup and saucer that are blank on the inside.

Start by putting loose-leaf tea into the cup, pour in hot water and let the tea steep. Then, take some time to meditate and focus on the contents of the cup. Meditate on a specific question or answer you are seeking, or else on life in general. Then, slowly sip the tea until there is only a teaspoon of liquid remaining. Now hold the cup by the handle using your left hand and gently swirl the tea three times. Men rotate clockwise, women will rotate counter clockwise. Flip the cup upside down onto the saucer. Wait a moment for it to settle and then pick the cup up by the handle and begin reading the tea leaves that have settled.

Improving at Tasseography

Getting better at Tasseography is not difficult. It is simply a matter of learning the ritual and practicing it regularly. The most important thing is to learn the meaning of the images that will present within the tea leaves. There are many books and resources available on this topic, and quite likely the best way to get better is to simply practice, read, and practice some more.

Interpreting Tasseography can pose its challenges, but do not grow frustrated. Consider taking a look at the bigger picture when attempting to read the tea leaves. You may also go see a tea leaf reader and have him or her do a reading for you. Regardless, Tasseography is a creative and fun way to tap into your own intuition at a subconscious level, getting to know yourself better and hopefully gaining insight to assist you on your journey.

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