Tarot Cards – Everything You Need To Know

Tarot cards are related to divination and are mostly used to predict outcomes in regards to people, events, or both. It’s essentially divination, or the telling of the future, using tarot cards; a tool to help people access the subconscious mind and universal knowledge. Coming primarily from a western tradition, tarot cards are now used all over the world as a means of accessing guidance, advice, and prediction.

Tarot cards are not associated with a particular religion, even though some decks use Christian symbolism like The Devil or Judgment. The core meanings of the decks are the same, and each reader will experience something or get information unique to them.

History of tarot cards

You may be surprised to learn that tarot cards originated in France as a popular deck of playing cards. However, in the 18th century, the occult got ahold of the decks and began using them for occult purposes. Around the late 19th century, the modern designed tarot decks that we see today were birthed as the Tarot of Marseille deck. Many people these days use the decks for mystical purposes, but there are plenty of professional tarot card readers who are good at their profession and will do a reading for you.

What encompasses a tarot card deck?

There are 78 cards in a tarot card deck, each one illustrated and numbered. There are many different types of cards with various designs. Most tarot decks involve two types of cards: the Major and Minor Arcana. Most decks include 22 of the Major Arcana deck, having their own individual meanings. Examples include the Hanged Man, Death, Strength, and the Fool.  The Minor Arcana is comprised of 56 cards, divided into 4 suits.

A tarot reader does not believe that the future is set in stone or that their readings predict the future 100%. They believe in possible outcomes and adhere to the fact that things can influence what will occur in the future. A tarot reader will give information to the subject so that the person can make better, more informed choices regarding the future. There’s no guarantee that it works at predicting the future.

What are tarot card spreads?

When you go to a tarot card reader, the reader will put the cards in a certain arrangement. This is called a spread. Each card in that spread will have a certain location that is associated with various aspects of whatever question has been asked. There are many spreads, but the most common are the Celtic Cross and Three Fates.

For a Three Fates spread, the first card represents the past, the second the present, and the third the future. For the Celtic Cross, ten cards will be placed in the spread, representing various things like past, present, and future hopes, influences, or conflicts in issues.

Where do tarot card readers get their information?

Just as any psychic reader, tarot card readers get their information from the spiritual plane. Some may call it Universal Source, Consciousness, Spirit, God, and more. The name isn’t always the important thing; the source is the same regardless of the name. Many tarot card readers will tell you that the actual tarot card is not all that powerful. It’s simply a gateway or visual cue that helps them tap into universal consciousness to get the information necessary to assist in a reading. Of course, some tarot readers will be more accurate than others. This is due to their psychic ability, as well as perhaps the length of time they’ve been reading tarot cards. Experience can make a difference when it comes to accuracy.

How to use tarot cards

If you want to do your own tarot card reading, get your deck and shuffle it. Then, draw out your cards as you feel led and place them face up to be interpreted. It is necessary that you learn the meanings associated with the tarot cards before attempting to do a reading. Once you learn the core meanings, you may be given additional information as well in the form of visions or words.

Being a tarot card reader takes time to learn, so be prepared to study the core meanings. You can also spend time regularly in meditation so that you are centered during your reading and more apt to be in touch with universal consciousness.

Do tarot cards predict the future well? Many will report that they do not heavily rely on the cards to predict the future, but rather to shed some light on the situation or question they are asking. As with all divination tools, perfection is not to be sought after, but clarity, wisdom, and some insight from the other side.

Tarot card reading is fascinating and fun. If you haven’t gotten a tarot card reading, perhaps it is time you do so.

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