What Is Scrying?


If you’ve ever seen someone gazing into a crystal ball, you’ve seen scrying in action, although it does not denote the telling of someone their future. Scrying is a divination technique that has been around for thousands of years. In fact, it is recorded as occurring all the way back in 3000 BC in China. The definition of scrying is to peer or gaze at a particular object until an image or vision appears. The object that is usually gazed at is a shiny object, like a mirror or water.

Many people who engage in scrying do so at night, as they believe that the vibrational frequencies are better for tuning into at night. During the day there is a hustle and bustle that goes on most everywhere, whereas at night people tend to relax more. As a scryer concentrates on an object, much of the time images or visions will appear giving some sort of meaning.

Scrying means descry in Old English, which means “to make out dimly” or “to reveal”. It entails using an intuitive inner sight to see things that you can’t see through the five senses. This tends to be more popular in the pagan population, but anyone can learn about scrying and give it a try.

People use all sorts of things when it comes to scrying, such as mirrors, water, wax, clouds, fire, oil, smoke, and another person’s eye. Want to practice scrying? Simply use any of these objects and stare at them until you begin to see images or visions. It may take some practice, but this is one technique that tends to be easier to pick up.

How to begin scrying

There are many ways to go about scrying. Here’s a simple way for you to begin. You will need the following objects:

  • Two candles
  • A bowl of water. It’s best if the bowl is wooden or a dark color.
  • A small crystal
  • Smudge stick

Fill the bowl with water and place the crystal in the bowl. Set one candle on each side of the bowl and light them. Take the smudge, light it, and smudge the area you’re in. Now, sit and begin gazing into the water. Keep your focus on the crystal and on your breath. It may take a few minutes to get relaxed and into an altered state of consciousness. You should become very relaxed and calm.

Relax your eyes and be open to receiving images or visions. When they come, acknowledge each one and let it go. Think of yourself as an active participant in the session. If your mind starts to wander, gently bring it back to the attention of the crystal. When you believe that you’ve gotten a good bit of images, go ahead and end the session and write down what you remember. Make a note of the images or words that came to you. You may not know immediately what it all means, but it will most likely come over time. As with dreams, there may be a bit of symbolism you’ll have to decipher.

Keep practicing scrying

The best way to get better at scrying is to practice. Try not to become disappointed if it does not go as you wish. Be persistent just like you would be at any other technique or psychic ability. It takes time and practice for most anything. Enjoy the process of learning about scrying and other psychic techniques you are interested in.

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