What Is Remote Viewing?

remote viewing

Remote viewing (RV) is a psychic ability in which a person can gain information about an object or person from a distance (remotely). Essentially, through intuition they receive impressions without having to know anything about the object or person.

How the term originated

Back in 1971, a man by the name of Ingo Swann coined the term “remote viewing”. Swann conducted experiments using remote viewing to find out various types of information, including that Jupiter had rings!

Remote viewing is much like ESP. It is a skill that has its roots in pseudoscience. It’s done in various laboratories for research purposes and has been known to be used by the government as well. In fact, a military intelligence program called The Star Gate Program, was a Top Secret program that combatted Russian spies in the Cold War in the 70’s. Today, there are claims that the US government still uses remote viewing for espionage purposes. It’s not the same as clairvoyance and isn’t normally used to give readings to people or tell their fortune. It’s based more on scientific research and used primarily for government intelligence and criminal investigations.

How to learn remote viewing

Though remote viewing does require some natural ability, one can also be trained in the art just as if he were training for martial arts for example. You can become better at remote viewing by learning about it and practicing. Many who excel in the skill spend a great deal of time in meditation so that they can learn to quiet their mind and connect better with the universe or their Higher Selves. To be able to get impressions about something you cannot see with your physical eyes takes great intuition and skill. You simply sense things with your mind, such as those operating with extrasensory perception (ESP).

Time and space does not exist

To engage in remote viewing you basically know it to be true that time and space is a matter of perception and not reality. According to metaphysics, time and space does not really exist. To be able to tap into the nature of remote viewing, this must be your thoughts on the matter.

The Farsight Institute

The Farsight Institute is a research facility that regularly does scientific experimentation on remote viewing. They believe that remote viewing can offer benefits to society. An interesting theory proposed by new research indicates that there are alternate realities that exist and that past, present, and future all exist concurrently.

How does remote viewing work?

No one claims to know exactly how remote viewing works, but the general consensus is that it does. Many people say that it works because one can tap into Universal Consciousness and gain information that is not open to the naked eye. It’s like there is a Universal Library that stores everything that has been, is now, and ever will be and people can tap into that library to gather information.

Can anyone learn remote viewing?

Most will tell you that anyone can learn remote viewing, as you don’t necessarily have to be psychic in order to do it. However, it does require that you take time to learn about the skill and practice it diligently. There are various techniques available to remote view and as with any skill you’d like to gain mastery over, it simply takes time, energy, motivation, and consistence.

Are you interested in remote viewing? Continue to learn about this fascinating skill and give it a try yourself. Jot down your findings and keep them so you can go back and see how you’re improving.  The more you practice, the better you will do!

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