Psychometry – What Is It and How Does It Work?


Psychometry is not one of the well-known abilities in the psychic field, but that doesn’t mean it’s not just as amazing as other psychic abilities. You may have seen the term pop up here or there or have seen the skill performed on a television show or movie, but didn’t know much about it. So, just what is psychometry?

According to most definitions, psychometry is the psychic ability where someone can gain information about a person by touching an object that belonged to them. The person gets a sense or impression usually in forms like images, words, sounds, smells, or maybe even a certain feeling. A psychometrist may gain information about someone’s characteristics, appearance, emotional stability, and more simply by holding onto a favorite shirt, necklace, or other personal. It’s a way of “seeing” things that are not visible to the naked eye. Some call it scrying.

Ever see someone look into a crystal ball to gain insight and knowledge? That’s scrying. Psychometry is simply scrying, but being able to “see” through touch.  For example, Joe is a psychometrist. He can touch an object and intuitively know some things about the person who owned that object. He comes across an antique chair in a shop. When he touches the chair, he gets a download from the spiritual realm. He has images flash before him of the previous owner of the chair. He sees the owner and his family around the dinner table. He feels happy emotions because the owner of that chair was happiest when sitting around the table sharing meals with his family. Joe doesn’t always get images when he touches objects, but he is always tuned into his psychic ability just in case the gift wants to come through.

Where did psychometry come from?

In 1842, a man by the name of Joseph R. Buchanan coined the term psychometry. As a physiology professor, Buchanan was interested in the field and experimented with it often using his students as subjects. No doubt his students were fascinated with the experiments. One experiment worth noting has to do with Buchanan putting certain drugs in glass vials. He then had the students hold each vial and try to determine what drug was in it going only by touch and psychometry. The results were quite interesting- in fact, Buchanan published his results in his book called, Journal of Man. More often than not, students could tell what the drug was based on their psychic ability, or psychometry.

How does psychometry work?

Based on the various studies done in the past, most theorize that psychometry works because every object holds memories, or vibrations that are condensed in the object. Someone who taps into their psychometric ability can draw those memories out. In fact, Michael Talbot, author of the book The Holographic Universe, states that all matter past, present, and future exists as vibration. He believes that the universe is some sort of hologram; that time and space are not reality. For one who is conscious of this, he or she can tap into all information from the past using psychometry. Just like we can access information from an encyclopedia, for example, we can access an objects past via the energy that surrounds each object.

You’ve probably seen this in action on television shows or movies, where a medium asks for an article of clothing or a belonging from the deceased loved one in order to gain psychic impressions. Perhaps Grandma’s necklace will help the medium connect with her or offer memories that she can share with loved ones.

Give psychometry a try

Are you ready to try your hand at psychometry? If so, begin practicing the skill by using objects that someone owned and see if you get any impressions. Choose something that they wore frequently, like a favorite piece of clothing, necklace, bracelet, or ring. Objects that they used or wore a lot will have more of their energy infused into them. Hold the item in your left hand to receive the impressions. This isn’t mandatory, but many psychometrists assert that the left hand simply receives better than the right. Jot down notes when you are practicing and see if you’re spot on. Of course, as with other psychic skills, there is always room to improve your gifts, so don’t be discouraged if you try this and you don’t sense anything.

Keep a diary of your attempts at psychometry and keep track of your progress. When you’re feeling really confident, consider having a few people over and ask them to bring an object that you can use for a reading. See how you do!

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