Using Meditation As A Tool For Psychic Development

Anyone who considers undertaking their own personal psychic development undoubtedly does so as a part of a process of spiritual awakening. Maybe you’ve been advised by a professional psychic to develop your own psychic awareness, or maybe you’ve had dreams or visions that have directed you to begin opening new directions in your consciousness. These are key turning points in a person’s life that can be the signal of profound transformational changes on the horizon.

There are many tools available to assist you in opening up psychically, but the most important of these tools is the ability to quiet the mind. One of the most powerful ways to do this is through meditation practice.

psychic meditation

What Exactly is Meditation?

The word itself evokes images of monks in colorfully flowing robes chanting in elaborately decorated temples with burning incense and candles. But while that certainly is one expression of meditation, it is not necessarily as esoteric as that. It is a practice that anyone can learn without formal training or having to be a member of a particular religion or sect.

Some people wonder what the difference is between prayer and meditation; they are similar in that they are both spiritual processes that direct your attention inward. But it can be said that prayer is the process of mentally speaking or communicating with energy going outward, whereas meditation is a process of stopping the mind chatter that creates the possibility for receiving information. Either way, it is a process that calls us to become fully present in the moment.

Our minds are constantly at work, even during sleep. We are problem solving, making decisions, processing emotions, and generally weaving our way through our human experience as feeling-based beings.

The process of spiritual awakening is the call to realize that “reality” is far more than the way we experience ourselves as third dimensional beings; it is the realization that we exist in a multi-dimensional universe and that our human perceptual “equipment” (taste, touch, smell, hearing and seeing) limits our ability to perceive beyond the physical realm. Meditation is a discipline that enables us to reach beyond those limitations.

Types of Meditation

There are many, many forms of meditation. You can stand or sit, have your eyes open or closed depending on the type of meditation you are engaging in. The purpose of any type of meditation, however, is for you to learn to detach from the mind’s tendency to keep you distracted and locked into negative thought processes.  Some common forms of meditation are:

Simple meditation

Either sitting up or laying down, you focus on your breath and allow thoughts to come and go through your mind like passing clouds in the sky, grasping for none.

Mindfulness Meditation

With this type of meditation, you direct your focus on what’s around you without allowing yourself to feel emotional attachment to anything. You simply notice sounds and activities without resistance.

Moving meditation

You can be doing any kind of movement like walking, yoga or other activity, but you keep your focus on the actual physical activity itself. Again, the goal is to be fully present to the activity rather than distracted by random thoughts or worries.

Guided meditation

This is a practice often done in group settings. It is often goal-oriented, in that you focus on deliberate visualizations to accomplish a particular task, like drawing out repressed memories or learning something else about yourself. It is particularly good for psychic development because you learn how to open your mind and trust other ways of knowing by learning to accept images that you receive as valid.

Meditation and Psychic Practice

At the risk of overstating the obvious, the ability to develop your psychic abilities is entirely dependent upon your ability to open your mind. People whose minds are closed to the possibility that they can know things beyond what their physical senses tell them ultimately cripple themselves in some way. Or, when they have spontaneous psychic experiences they go into fear mode and worry that they are losing their grip on reality. All psychic ability in essence is is the awareness that we exist in more than one dimension and that by learning to exercise new muscles (metaphorically speaking), we can be more fully expressed as spirits in physical bodies.

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