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Past Life Regression – What Is It?

Whether you believe in past lives or not, past life regression is a technique that is gaining more and more popularity. Past life regression is essentially the method of using hypnosis to discover someone’s past lives in terms of memories. It is “regressing” back to a time before someone was born into this time and […]

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Clairvoyance – The Ability To “See”

Some people believe that just about everyone has some sort of psychic gift. These gifts oftentimes take on different forms, with clairvoyance probably being the most well-known psychic gift. To be clairvoyant means that you have a “clear seeing”. It means that you can see with your spiritual, or mind’s eye, into the spiritual realm, […]

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Claircognizance – The Gift of Knowing

There are various ways that spiritually inclined people gather information from spirit guides or angelic beings from the other side. Clairvoyance is probably the most popular and well-known gift, as popular media tends to address psychics as clairvoyant. There are other gifts as well, including clairaudience, clairsentience, and the gift we’ll discuss today: Claircognizance. What […]

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Clairaudience – Tapping Into Your Inner Ears

Chances are you’ve heard the term “clairvoyance” quite a bit. Many people associate clairvoyance with psychics, who use the inner eye to get wisdom and information from the other side. Today, let’s talk a bit about a different psychic ability within the same family: clairaudience. This is a term that describes someone who hears information […]

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Channeling – What Exactly Is It?

As human beings, we tend to like to communicate with each other by speaking, writing, or even non-verbal communication. Channeling is a form of communication between a human being and a spiritual or angelic being. It is when an entity (could even be an extra-terrestrial being) communicates through a human being, usually providing helpful or […]

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What Is Psychic Mediumship?

Broadly speaking, mediumship is usually used to explain and describe the craft of a person claiming to be a medium – that is, a person claiming to be able to contact the spirits of the deceased and convey their message. The medium can do various things with such a connection, such as: Give information from […]

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