What Is Precognition?


Precognition is the ability to see things that will happen in the future. You may have heard of this as future vision, fortune telling, prophetic vision, or future sight. It’s using an extrasensory means (sometimes called a 6th sense) to tap into a source that shows or tells you what will happen in the future. Scientifically there is no real proof that it is the real deal, but there are a large majority of people who believe it is certainly plausible.

Perhaps you have seen movies or read books that depict a psychic, fortune teller, or someone with extrasensory perception (ESP) telling the future. Maybe they go into some sort of trance and this precognitive knowledge just comes to them. They predict a major earthquake or someone’s fate. The media has a way of making some divination seem unreal, but for those who are interested and study spirituality, they know for certain that precognition is certainly real.

How does precognition work

Have you ever had a hunch that something was going to happen? Maybe you just knew that old flame from high school was going to call you…..today. Or perhaps you had a sense that tomorrow it was going to snow, even though it rarely snows in your area. These are examples of precognition. You don’t know how you know this information; you just do.

In ancient times, people relied on prophets to clue them into future events. While some believed the future could not be changed, there were others that believed due to free will, the future could be changed if given prophecies. With such knowledge about the future, actions could be taken in the present to alter the future.

Actually, quantum physics backs this up. The theory holds that given the correct information about the future by precognition, one can use free will at the present time to alter future conditions. So the future can actually cause the past, which quantum physics calls “retro-causality” or “backward causality”. This highly interests many people. After all, who wouldn’t want to know how they could use the future to alter their present in a favorable way?

Though this hasn’t always gone as planned. In fact, a psychiatrist by the name of J.A. Barker did some research on the effects of precognition and found that some people who were told that they were going to die actually died an early death. In his book called, Scared to Death, he asserts that these people were so scared that they were going to die (according to the prophetic information given them), that they actually did die. He believed it was more of a self-fulfilling prophecy than actual precognition at work.

Can anyone have precognition?

Some believe that all of us can tap into the realm of the future, but the reality is that most people won’t. Is it possible? No one knows for sure, but if you’re on the spiritual path and you’re seeking to tap into the future realm, you may just be able to do so. Do you wonder if you are on the path to precognition?

Signs That You Have Precognition

You have vivid dreams that you remember.  Do you have a lot of vivid dreams that you remember in the morning? This could mean that you’re on the track toward tapping into information from the future. During dream time we can more easily receive messages from the other side or Universal Wisdom. Begin writing down your dreams as soon as you wake up and see if there are any signs that you’re operating in precognition.

Unexplained anxiety. Have you ever had an increase in anxiety unexpectedly and then found out something negative happened to a loved one or a pet? If so, this is a sign that you’re tapping into your precognitive ability.

You’re very aware of energy.  Those operating in precognition have learned how to read energy well. Are you able to discern easily? Can you walk into a room and know what vibes you’re dealing with instantly? How tuned in are you perceptive wise? If you understand energy and can track it well, you’re most likely ready to tap into your precognition abilities.

You just know things. Your friend shows up at your door and you instantly know she and her husband have opted for divorce. You show up at work and you just know it’s going to be the day you get laid off. You don’t know how, but you just know certain things. This is a sign that you have some precognition abilities.  Continue being aware and learning about precognition, and the skills you have will become better developed.

Precognition scares some people. They don’t want to be able to know the future. Operating in precognition doesn’t have to be scary. It’s a gift that you can admire and cherish. For some people, beginning to operate in precognition is simply a sign that you’re spiritually evolving at a rapid pace. It may indicate that you’re transitioning nicely on your spiritual journey.

Still, there are some on the spiritual path that won’t be able to operate in this gift and that’s alright too. Not everyone came on this planet to be able to tell the future. Accept where you are and if you feel you want to research the topic further, go for it.  No matter where you are on your journey, you can always go a bit deeper, but don’t forget to rest and be at peace with where you are now.

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