Past Life Regression – What Is It?

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Whether you believe in past lives or not, past life regression is a technique that is gaining more and more popularity. Past life regression is essentially the method of using hypnosis to discover someone’s past lives in terms of memories. It is “regressing” back to a time before someone was born into this time and space reality called Earth.

Are you curious as to your past lives? Do you believe you’ve lived more than just this life you’re living now? If you could go back and re-experience some of your memories and the autobiography of your soul, would you?  Assuming you’re interested, let’s discuss the topic a bit further.

Is past life regression for real?

Of course, you have your skeptics, but many people who go through past life regression with a trained regression therapist tend to feel that the experienced benefited them in various ways. Some people have explained that even before they went to see a past life regressionist they have had dreams or visions about them as someone else in a past life. Sometimes just one dream will spark an interest in learning more.

Why go through past life regression?

Hypnotherapy is known to help people in various areas and as a form of hypnotherapy, past life regression does the same. You may think that you want to try past life regression just to test it out because you are curious. That’s great, but there are other ways past life regression can help you, including helping you on your personal and spiritual journey. Here are some other ways past life regression can help you:

  • Help you see where a certain emotional issue took root in a previous life
  • Help you heal past life trauma
  • Help you understand why certain things are occurring in your present life
  • Give you insight about life in general
  • Assist you in reducing or eliminating anxiety and fears
  • Lessen your anxiety about death

What happens during past life regression?

Just as in a hypnosis session, you will be put into a very sleep/light trance state. Then, you’ll be able to go back to various past lives and re-live them in your memory. You will feel as if you are there, being that person in that time and space dimension. It’s like seeing yourself in a movie and you’re the main character, actually experiencing things with all of your senses.

For example, let’s say you were a soldier in a past life. While under hypnotherapy, you may feel yourself in the midst of a battle. You may hear gun shots and men screaming. You may smell mud and feel yourself soaking wet from harsh rain. You may also feel terrified and in despair. You re-live these memories and find yourself screaming or crying right there in the hypnotherapist’s office. Don’t worry; you won’t freak the past life regressionist out because he or she is used to this.  At the same time, at your subconscious level, you are perhaps working out some of the trauma that came as a result of such war. This is good news.

Opportunity for healing

You may think that you were born on this planet without any past; a clean slate so-to-speak. The truth is that you were born with some residue from past lives. In particular, you were born with some wounds that were not healed during those past lives, so during past life regression, you get the opportunity to heal those.  Yes, you were born with some wisdom too, but it’s the unhealed wounds that are concerning.

A good past life regressionist can help you undo patterns that you picked up in a past life that are hindering you now. Things like old karmic debts, mistakes, or traumas. Through the re-living of these things, that pent up or dense energy can be processed and integrated into your energetic body, leaving you feeling much more peaceful.

Undergoing past life regression

If your curious about past life regression, consider reaching out to a trained past life regressionist to go through a session and see for yourself how it can benefit you. Be sure to ask around for a reputable regressionist. You don’t want to end up with an untrained person who does not have your best interest at heart.

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