Ouija Boards: Can The Dead Give Us Messages?

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Back in 1891, the Ouija Board made its appearance in several advertisements in the newspaper, claiming to be a “wonderful talking board”. It quickly became a magical toy that appeared in novelty shops in various cities, promising spot-on answers to questions about one’s past, present, or future. It certainly sparked the interest of many inquisitive people.

The Ouija board, also known as the spirit or talking board, is flat board game with letters of the alphabet on it. It has the numbers 0-9 marked on it as well, along with the words `no’, `yes,’ `hello’ and `goodbye’. Symbols and graphics can be found etched into the board game as well.

A planchette, which is a small, teardrop-shaped device, is included as a rest for participants’ fingers.  Those playing the game rest their finger tips on the planchette and ask a question. The planchette is then to magically move to letters and/or numbers in order to spell out or give the answer that is coming from a spirit force.

The history of the Ouija Board

Planchette, or automatic writing, goes all the way back to China in 1100 AD, and has been used in many countries ever since. It was in 1891 that Charles Kennard and Elijah Bond patented the Ouija Board game. During World War 1, the Ouija board was referred to as a divining tool by Spiritualist Pearl Curran, who asserted that dead people could communicate with the living through the talking board.

The board has come under opposition from some Christians who hold claim that it often leads to possession by demons. Many who use it, nevertheless, insist on experiencing a positive effect from using the game, while others lean toward caution regardless of religion. One thing is for sure; many who play the game come away from it both mesmerized and freaked out. After all, for those who believe the dead is communicating with them it can be a frightening experience.  You can learn more about the history of Ouiji boards here: http://mentalfloss.com/article/12952/brief-history-ouija-board.

Is the board powered by demons?

The Christian community says yes, but the scientific community does not believe that the board is powered by demons. What happens on the board, according to physician and physiologist William Benjamin Carpenter, is seen as activity of the unconscious moves of the person behind the pointer, also known as the ideometer effect.

Essentially, what many people believe is that the planchette is directed by unconscious energies of the people participating. Most people, however, have strong illusions of movement giving rise to the thought that spirits are in operation. Your muscles move without you even being aware of them, causing the planchette to move about the board.

How to use the Ouija Board

If you’re ready to embark on an exciting Ouija Board journey, get ready for some fun. Before you begin, take some time to set the tone of the room. Some people like to dim the lights and light candles and incense. Others simply play without. There really is no right or wrong.

Turn off all cell phones and do your best not to be interrupted.  You can write down several questions beforehand if you’d like, but it’s not completely necessary. Questions tend to arise randomly as you begin playing the game. You may want to record the session via an audio or video recorder, as it’s great to go back and listen or watch at a later time.

Although you can use the Ouija Board alone, it is fun to do it with friends and family too. When you’re ready, have everyone place their fingertips on the planchette and have someone ask a question. Be patient as you wait for the planchette to begin moving. Try not to think too much about the hows or whys of the game; just let it happen.

You can invite good energy, light, and love to be in charge of the session. Ask white light to surround and protect all of you. This will protect you from spirits that don’t have your best interest at heart. Not sure what your first question should be? Many like to get the name of the spirit guide or spirit that is speaking to them. Once you get their name, it’s a great time to start asking “yes” or “no” questions.

Here’s a guide from Wikihow on how to use the Ouiji board.

Ask questions one time

Don’t repeat questions. Take the answer it gives and move it along. Also, ask questions that are pertinent to your life right now. Along with answers spelled out on the board, you may get images or words in your mind’s eye as well. This especially occurs for those that are intuitive already.

If you start getting negative answers, it’s time to stop the session and put the board away. At times, negative entities may try to come through, so if you sense that this is occurring, simply stop and put the game away. The next session that entity should not be around, but as always, ask for white light and protection from your spirit guides.

The Ouija Board is not for everyone and it can really frighten children, so be wise. If you feel you will have nightmares if you play the game, or if you’re not allowed by your parents, don’t play. As with any game, play responsibly.

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