What Is Psychic Mediumship?

psychic medium

Broadly speaking, mediumship is usually used to explain and describe the craft of a person claiming to be a medium – that is, a person claiming to be able to contact the spirits of the deceased and convey their message. The medium can do various things with such a connection, such as:

  • Give information from the deceased to the living
  • Channel back and forth different energies
  • Cause some “spooky” or paranormal activities

Considering that the fascination towards the phenomenon of death and the desire to communicate with the dead have been present in society ever since our earliest history, today’s mediumship is simply the continued interest that we have in the afterlife.  This is why things like séances and Ouija boards are so popular among all ages. Many people want to be able to talk to their deceased loved ones, but the problem is that most people cannot; it takes a medium, or mediator to do so.

However, just like with any other claims of psychic powers and mysterious gifts, there are those who consider the practice of mediumship to be fraudulent and false. Opponents of mediumship argue that the self-proclaimed mediums are little more than conmen, crooks, and masters of manipulation who use their skills to profit from the despair which often occurs among the families and friends of the recently deceased.

The Science of Mediumship

Modern science has not been able to come up with any plausible scientific evidence to support the validity of the claims of mediumship. Still, this does not automatically disqualify mediumship as false. There are great many phenomena which undoubtedly exist in nature, even though science has little or no explanation for many such occurrences.

Simply put, mediums believe that they are somehow able to “tune-in” into the realm of spirits of the deceased and relay their messages back to loved ones. Spiritualists tend to classify types of mediumship into two distinctive categories – mental and physical. While mental mediums are allegedly able to sense the spirit world and communicate with it, physical mediums are believed to produce and represent materialization of spirits. Still, lacking definitive proof, contemporary science disproves any attempts to form a plausible explanation for mediumship.

Alternative Views

However, those who belong to different spiritualistic cults and beliefs tend to take mediumship very seriously. Some of them even offer advice on how to recognize whether you possess the inborn gift needed to communicate with spirits, and – provided that you do – teach you how to develop your talent and practice it.

According to a spiritualist group called the First Spiritual Temple, prospective mediums should nurture their talents in a so-called “development circle” or “spirit circle” – that is, a group of people who share the same interests and beliefs regarding spiritualism and mediumship. They also advise to avoid psychoactive substances and stimulants which could potentially interfere with a successful séance.

Keep in mind that there are a great many spirits who sort of hang around waiting for someone to open the door to them. They want a chance to come back to the earth plane, but their agenda is not very good. Some people call such spirits demons or dark forces, but regardless of what they are called, they have been known to bring much fear and terror to people once they are let in. This is why you should not go around trying to conjure up spirits, because you really don’t know what you’re opening yourself up to.

Consulting a Medium

If you’re interested in hearing from someone who has passed to the other side, or if you think a spirit is haunting you, perhaps you should consult a medium. Be sure to do your homework when it comes to selecting one so that you don’t end up consulting a medium who is not necessarily out for your best interest. Ask your friends and family if they can recommend a reputable medium for you. You can even write into the show “Long Island Medium” and see if you can get a shot at speaking with Theresa Caputo, who is a famous medium with a television show of her own.

As always, keep safety in mind when consulting a medium. Do not give out your personal information, such as full name, address, and so on. Not every medium is legit; it’s just the truth. You want them to be able to go into the reading based on their own intuition and medium skills. Still, there are a good many who are excellent and would love to connect you with your loved one who has passed on.

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