Top 20 List of Psychic Abilities

Seeking to learn more about the range of psychic abilities available? If you’re interested in cultivating your spiritual gifts, check out a brief description of the following 20 psychic abilities.

psychic communicating with the spirits

  1. Clairvoyance:  A psychic ability in which a person can tap into intuition in order to see things visually that others cannot see.  It is through extrasensory perception that this occurs. A clairvoyant has the gift of clairvoyance.    Clairvoyance can be divided into roughly three classes including:
  • Precognition –  Perception or prediction of future events.
  • Retrocognition –  The ability to see events in the past.
  • Remote Viewing – The ability to see events outside of the normal range of perception.
  1. Clairaudience: This is a gift that allows one to hear sounds or voices beyond the veil of death. Psychics oftentimes use clairaudience to receive messages from deceased loved ones for clients. It is also known as “clear hearing.”
  1. Clairsentience: Sometimes known as “clear sensing”. It’s the ability to feel energy from otherworldly realms, past, present, and future, sometimes used to gather information from specific areas like houses or nature. It is also being able to feel the energy of souls or existence from the beyond.
  1. Claircognizance: An intuition of what is right without having facts for support. It’s that gut feeling that one gets, but doesn’t really know where the feeling comes from. Psychics use this gift regularly.
  1. Astral projection: An out of body experience. Being able to spiritually stand over your psychical body once you’re asleep and travel great distances in other dimensions.
  1. Automatic writing: A spiritual form of writing where the person is not conscious of what words are being written. It’s as if the pen conveys thoughts from another being outside of time/space reality.
  1. Channeling: Telling information gained from other entities that are in the spiritual realm. It’s the ability to tap into the information dimension or world and receive information that may benefit mankind. A person who channels goes into a trance-like state in order to bring the messages through.
  1. Empathy: This is the ability to feel other’s feelings in a meaningful way. It’s the ability to take on someone else’s feelings momentarily so you can sit with them and show them genuine comfort.
  1. Precognition: Being able to predict the future. It’s the intuitive knowing of events, whether good or bad, are going to happen before they occur. This gift is one of the easier ones to learn.
  1. Psychometry: The ability to understand or know facts about a person through physical touch of an inanimate object. For example, it’s being able to touch a wallet and know everything about the person who is the possessor of said wallet. Or touching a picture of someone and being able to share things about that person.
  1. Telekinesis: Being able to move objects without touching the object. It’s using the power of the mind to move items small or large distances. Telekinesis became quite popular when television shows aired shows where the gift was featured, such as horror films.
  1. Telepathy: Being able to read thoughts and send thoughts between persons. It’s interesting to note that identical twins oftentimes have the ability to read each other’s minds without verbal communication.
  1. Dowsing: A form of searching for hidden objects by using an object, as in searching for water in the desert by using sticks or other means. This divination people use to try to find gems, metals, and buried gravesites just by using rods or twigs.
  1. Tasseography: Being able to read remnants of tea leaves in cups to predict the future or fortunes. It’s the ability to decipher messages from used coffee or tea from glasses after a client has partaken in the beverage.
  1. Scrying: To scry means to see. Scrying is the ability to read the future by gazing into a crystal ball. Psychics use scrying often to help clients learn things about their future.
  1. Remote viewing: Being able to see shapes or figures in other realms and describe them with detail. The ability to see beyond the physical realm into the spiritual realm. For example, someone who is good at remote viewing may be asked to describe something on the other side of town, without ever having had been there. Or perhaps what’s behind a door. The person can just see what’s in remote places using his or her spiritual eyes.
  1. Psychic healing: The ability to heal physical ailments or injuries with spiritual healing. Psychic healers oftentimes use various objects or techniques to do the healing, such as use incense, prayers, chants, rattles, dances, and more. Each healer may have their own unique healing method based on what works for them. Some are able to hear angels or spirits tell them what to do from the other side of the veil or they may know intuitively what’s wrong with the person. Emotional and physical healings can occur.
  1. Past life regression: The ability to hone in on past memories through hypnosis. It’s being able to recall experiences from a past life with spiritual help. Psychics are known to perform past life regression, but some counselors are trained to do this as well.
  1. Mediumship: The ability to use your body as a vessel for communication with other realms. The art of being a medium for spiritual communication. Mediumship has gained a lot of popularity since more television shows have aired in the past decade.
  1. Palmistry: The ability to read and interpret one’s fortune using the lines on a client’s hands. A palm reader learns how to read the lines on hands in order to tell characteristics about a person, as well as what’s in store for them in the future. You can find palmists at fairs, carnivals, and festivals.

With so many psychic abilities available, take time to learn more about the ones that resonate with you. The more you learn, the better you’ll get. Additionally, go see psychics that have such gifts and get a reading yourself. Or ask them to mentor you if they’re willing. The more you can immerse yourself in the spiritual gifts, the better.

Cultivating psychic gifts takes diligence and persistence, but the rewards are well worth the efforts.

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