What Is Dowsing and Is It Real?


Dowsing is the act of trying to find things that may be hidden from the eye. It’s mostly known for when people are looking for an underground water source, but it is also used to find other buried objects like gemstones, metals, gravesites, archaeological remains, tunnels, and more. Dowsers, also known as water witches or diviners, have been around for hundreds or maybe even thousands of years in search of what lies beneath the earth’s surface.

You may wonder if anyone can dowse or do you have to be particular intuitive or gifted. The general consensus is that anyone can learn how to dowse, but some are inherently better at it than others. Some believe that psychics are more gifted in the sense that they have more success at dowsing than others.

What instruments are used in dowsing?

There are simple instruments and equipment used in dowsing. The most common instrument is the V-Rod, which can be made out of a forked stick or twig, but it can be made out of metal or plastic as well. This is what most people use when it comes to dowsing. The twigs most commonly come from trees, including the peach, willow, and witchhazel tree. The dowser holds one fork in each hand with the end of the stick resting at a 45 degree angle upward. He or she walks about an area to see if there is a water source underground. If so, the butt of the stick will be pulled downward toward the water.

Other common instruments include Angle rods, which are L shaped, pendulums, and wands.  A wand is a long rod that acts either in a circular or oscillating motion when the object is discovered.

Is dowsing for real?

While there’s no scientific evidence that dowsing is indeed 100% accurate, many have found it to be true for them. It’s a sort of divination where people go on a search for their object of attention and feel as if the instruments they are using (and perhaps the spirits) will help them find the objects. In the United States, you may hear dowsing referred to as water witching or doodlebugging for those seeking to find petroleum.

The science community speculates that there are plenty of water dowsers that are successful because there is quite often plenty of water sources underneath the surface, especially in areas where rain fall is adequate. They’re not sold on the divination aspect of dowsing, but the divination crowd certainly paints a different picture on the topic. Not a big surprise there.

What is dowsing really about?

Some believe that dowsing, or looking for hidden objects, is more about detecting energy than anything else. Believing that everything and everyone is made up of energy, dowsers tap into their innate ability to discover subtle energies. Therefore, dowsing can be an opportunity to draw closer to the spiritual realm (angelic beings, God, higher self, etc.) and learn how to detect energies surrounding us. Water under the surface has a particular energetic frequency, so a dowser who is good at reading energy will be apt to detect the water source more easily than one who is not sensitive to energy frequencies.

Regardless of why people choose to dowse, it is an activity that brings joy to many people around the world. Some regard the activity as a hobby and others use the technique out of necessity. If you’re not so sure about whether dowsing works or not, go ahead and try it out for yourself.

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