Crystal Balls – How Psychics Use Them To See The Future

fortune teller holding a crystal ball

You’ve probably seen fortune tellers or gypsies on television movies peering into their crystal ball trying to gather information to tell curious seekers. Yes, psychics have been scrying into crystal balls for thousands of years. Scrying, or the peering into things that reflect, like water, glass, or a mirror, is used by many intuitive people in order to gain information from the spiritual dimension to give to those willing to hear.

It’s common for folks to believe that a crystal ball has magical powers to tell someone about their future, but this is not how crystal balls really work. What really occurs is that the psychic can focus on the crystal ball, getting into a trance. Then, he or she can access the seeker’s subconscious mind, getting a glimpse of what’s going on beneath the surface. Once a connection is made, the reader may begin to see images in his mind’s eye about the seeker’s past, present, or future. Note that the psychic does not see images inside the crystal ball, but in his third eye.  Just as any psychic reading, the psychic can offer information about one’s life in terms of relationships, career, finances, decisions, the past, present, or future.

How you can use a crystal ball

You don’t necessarily have to go to a psychic in order to have a crystal ball reading. If you’re interested in doing your own reading, you can do it yourself. Here are some things to consider before you attempt this on your own:

  • Choose a room that is dimly lit, as this will help the atmosphere to be relaxing. You can also burn some incense, such as Sage or Frankincense, to give the room a wonderful aroma.
  • Many people light a candle or several candles on the table where the crystal ball is located. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to placing the candles, so go with your intuition. You can use plain candles or colored candles.
  • Get into a good frame of mind. Just as when you prepare for any spiritual practice, take some time to quiet your mind. Some spend time doing some deep breathing and meditation. Be sure that the area is quiet and you won’t be getting any distractions. Be sure to turn your phone off. As you quiet your mind and relax, you’re more apt to get into receptive mode, able to receive information via images from the spiritual realm. Meditation simply helps us become more aware of ourselves and the other side. Once you are relaxed, say a little prayer for guidance and trust that you will receive exactly what you are meant to receive at this time.
  • Be unattached to outcome. Yes, you want to set your intention regarding whatever it is you are seeking, but do your best to be unattached to the outcome. This means that if you do not receive any images or information, that you remain in a pleasant mood and stay out of judgment. It’s easier to receive things when we’re not expecting anything.
  • Just like any psychic ability, it takes practice. Crystal ball gazing is no exception.
  • When you’re all set, begin gazing into the crystal ball. You can hold the crystal ball or you can have it set on the table. Allow your eyes to adjust to the ball and keep gazing. Focus on your inhale and exhale as you gaze and do your best not to blink. For many people, as they gaze, they begin to notice a light mist when they’ve made a solid connection with their sub consciousness. This is good. Continue to hold the gaze and stay relaxed. You may start seeing sketches or images. They may not be very clear at first, and that’s alright. Practice will help them to become clearer. You may see one image or several. You could even see a mini movie. Try not to figure out what the images mean at that moment. Simply acknowledge them and offer gratitude in your heart.

At some point, the images will stop coming and you may become weary. This is a sign that it is time to stop for the time being. Go ahead and stop and take some time to jot down the images you saw or impressions that you received. Write down as much as you can and just let it flow. It doesn’t have to make a ton of sense; just write. You may understand some of it now, but you may not understand other things for some time.

A sacred tool for you

A crystal ball is a sacred tool that can assist you with direction, insight, clarity, and purpose. Respect your crystal ball and take good care of it. Many people will cover their crystal ball with a black velvet cloth when they are not using it. It’s not to be handled by a lot of people and when you transport it, cover it and move it in a special box or bag. A crystal ball will oftentimes reveal its name to its owner, so be receptive to hearing it and calling it by this name. Regularly clean your crystal ball when the moon is full, as full moons are powerful and this can help you remember the last time you cleaned it.

Enjoy the art of crystal ball reading. If you’re not interested in doing this yourself, there are plenty of crystal ball readers that will do a reading for you. Simply do some homework and reach out.

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