Clairvoyance – The Ability To “See”


Some people believe that just about everyone has some sort of psychic gift. These gifts oftentimes take on different forms, with clairvoyance probably being the most well-known psychic gift. To be clairvoyant means that you have a “clear seeing”. It means that you can see with your spiritual, or mind’s eye, into the spiritual realm, seeing things like angels, spirits, energy, and visions.

For example, if you’re clairsentient, you may look at someone and pick up on what they are feeling emotionally. If you’re clairvoyant, you are more apt to see their aura or energy field surrounding them. You may also see angels, spirits, or a symbol meant to give you some information.

Signs of Clairvoyance

  • Have you ever dreamed a dream that actually came true at a later time?
  • Have you ever seen a picture in your mind’s eye of something happening and later it happened?
  • Ever lost an article of clothing or keys and a mental image pops up into your mind’s eye of where they are?
  • You see an image of someone you know in your mind and later that day or week you get a call from them?

These are all examples of clairvoyance operating in your life. This happens much more than most realize, but if you begin to really pay attention to the present moment, you may notice this is happening to you a lot.

Tips For Developing Clairvoyance

Just as those interested in building muscles exercise regularly, in order to build your clairvoyant muscles you must flex them regularly. Some believe that everyone has the ability to develop their psychic or clairvoyant gifts. They believe that everyone has an inherent intuition should they bother to hone it.

Here are some great tips on how you can cultivate your clairvoyance gift:

Turn your clairvoyance back on

Many times as children we turn off our clairvoyance gifts because it may scare us or our parents may make say something that makes us question it. As an adult, turn your intuition back on by releasing any fear associated with it.  State out loud that you let go of all fear and invite intuition to regain a place in your life. Affirmations can certainly do wonders.

Focus on your third eye chakra

Your third eye chakra is right behind your brows on your head. This is the energy center where you gain spiritual insight, so take as much time as you can to focus on this area. Take time to meditate daily and see this spiritual eye opened and operating perfectly. This is where you will see images that will help you on your life journey. If it’s not open, ask it to open. Envision it opening and you seeing all sorts of images that depict wisdom and messages from the spiritual realm.

Record the images you see

Anytime you see an image in your mind’s eye, jot it down so you don’t forget. You may not know what that image represents at the time, but the meaning may come to later.

Set your intent

Maybe you see an image that is sketchy or small. Set the intent to enlarge the image and make it clearer. Set your intent to cultivate and develop the sharpness of the images you see, so that you can easily identify images or movies that are happening in your third eye.

Ask for help

Always ask your spirit guides or angels to help you interpret the images that come to you. They want you to understand the meaning of the messages, so don’t leave them out.

See an energy practitioner. Sometimes going to an energy practitioner for chakra alignment will help you to tap into your psychic abilities better. You may simply need to have some energy work done in order to get your chakra centers flowing adequately. If you want more clarity when it comes to clairvoyance, tell the practitioner to focus a bit more on your third eye chakra to release any blocks that may be hindering you.

Practice, practice, practice

Honing your clairvoyance gift takes practice, so take time regularly to do so. Will you always be right in your interpretation? No, but the more you practice and hone your skills, the better your average will be.

Trust that you’re growing in your psychic abilities well and don’t become frustrated if it’s taking longer than expected. Good things take time, and developing psychic abilities is no exception.

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