Clairsentience – The Gift of Feeling


Of all the psychic gifts out there, clairsentience may be the least well-known. Have you ever had the feeling that something awful was happening to a loved one? Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt a heaviness come upon your heart? Picked up vibes from others right away? If so, you may be operating with the gift of clairsentience in your life.

The definition of clairsentience is the ability to strongly feel the emotions of other people, places, animals, and more. It is “clear seeing” or “clear feeling”. Some people associate having such a gift with being an empath, or a highly sensitive person (HSP). It’s like an empath on emotional-attraction steroids. It’s picking up on past, present, or future emotional states in a way that goes beyond your normal five senses.

Signs That You May Have Clairsentience

  • You’re very sensitive to surroundings and people
  • When you’re in a large crowd, you sometimes get physically ill, as you’re so sensitive to all of the energies in the gathering.
  • You’re great at empathizing with others. You feel what they are feeling, and sometimes you feel deeper than they do.
  • At times you can feel other people’s physical pain. Husband has a hurt back? You begin to feel your back hurting too. Your child has strep throat? You wake up with your throat hurting.
  • You’re apt to feel a spirit’s presence in various areas of buildings or in the community.
  • Sometimes a simple commercial will have you crying your eyes out.
  • You have trouble sleeping at night

If you’re clairsentient, you pick up on energy easily. You’re intuitive. You meet a person and instantly you can feel his or her energetic vibes. You read people more often than you probably want to; it’s just automatic for you. Not only can you read them, but you can literally feel what they are feeling at times. Sure, this may be good if they are feeling good, but when they’re struggling, you feel it too.

This can become a bit of a challenge at times in intimate relationships, as the clairsentient can pick up on emotions and carry them if not careful. This can really zap their energy levels in no time. Learning how to set and keep internal boundaries is important if you can identify with this trait. For example, if your partner is going through a state of depression, you may begin to become depressed yourself. You feel that dense energy and if you’re not careful, you will find yourself spiraling into a super sad state as well.

How does clairsentience manifest itself?

  1. Sudden feelings or insights

Ever have a gut feeling about someone or something? Have you experienced a sudden emotion for no apparent reason? Clairsentience may manifest in various ways, including sudden feelings such as anger, fear, or intense happiness. Or you may get a gut feeling about something or someone. You may also get some unexpected insight that warns you about something that could go awry, like going home a different route or not buying a certain food that has harmful bacteria in it.

  1. Empathy

If you’re empathic, you can feel other people’s feelings very easily, even if they don’t tell you specifically that what they are feeling. As am empath, you are usually quite willing to listen to other people’s problems and lend some support. With the ability to feel their feelings, you tend to lead a more compassionate life toward others.

  1. Physical impressions

As a clairsentient, you may feel physical sessions in parts of your body. Some admit that they feel pressure at various parts of their body, or a pulling, which sometimes is an indicator for you to pay attention to a particular person or situation.  For example, you may feel a tap on your left shoulder, turn to look, and see that your toddler is just about ready to touch a baby snake in the grass.

  1. Emotional attachment from a distance

Some clairsentients develop a unique emotional attachment to another person. Even when the other person is not in your presence, you still feel them. You’re attached at a deeper, energetic level. You may feel when they are struggling emotionally, as you continue to be energetically linked. This can hinder your own emotional stability, so being able to spot this type of attachment and do some clearing work is important. There are ways to sever this type of emotional attachment.

Are you clairsentient?

Do you feel as if you have the gift of clairsentience? If so, you may want to spend time gaining a clearer understanding of what this may mean for you on your journey. You can always find room for improvement when it comes to any psychic gift, enhancing your gift for the greater good of all humanity. As an emotional sponge, be sure to always take care of your own needs and wants, making sure to spend plenty of time alone in order to refresh and align with your higher self. This helps you to process the extra emotional energy that you may pick up throughout your daily routines.

If you are clairsentient, use your gifts to help bring light and love to the world by tuning into how you can effectively help those who come into your path.


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