Clairaudience – Tapping Into Your Inner Ears


Chances are you’ve heard the term “clairvoyance” quite a bit. Many people associate clairvoyance with psychics, who use the inner eye to get wisdom and information from the other side. Today, let’s talk a bit about a different psychic ability within the same family: clairaudience. This is a term that describes someone who hears information from the spiritual realm with their inner and outer ears.

Am I Clairaudient?

We all hear voices in our heads, but most or all of them could be coming from our own minds. When it comes to clairaudience, you may wonder if this is a gift that you hold. Here are some tell-tale signs that you may be clairaudient:

  • You hear voices calling your name. If you’ve ever heard your name called and look around only to find no one in sight, you may be hearing with our inner ears.
  • You are very sensitive to noise. Clairaudient people tend to be quite sensitive to noise and like to spend a lot of time alone. If you’re around too much noise, like a noisy party or blaring music, you may get a headache or your energy gets drained fast. Spending time alone in meditation or sitting in quiet each day is helpful.
  • You are highly creative. You tend to crave a means to let your creativity flow. You get ideas that others think are pretty amazing. You may be an artist, writer, inventor, musician, or enjoy other creative venues.
  • You hear messages when you listen to music. Clairaudient people tend to crave music because it helps them feel connected to their own souls. Maybe when you have music playing, you’re more open to hearing messages from your spirit guides or creative juices flow better. The words to the music may not be the avenue for your messages; it simply acts as a way for you to connect internally to something deeper.
  • People love talking to you about their “stuff”. If a lot of people come to you with their problems, it could be because you offer them a solid listening ear and give them excellent advise or wisdom. That wisdom could be coming from your spirit guides or other dimensions.
  • You hear ringing in your ears or they pop. If you hear ringing or high-pitched noises in your ears or they pop at times, it could mean that your spirit guide is close to you. It could mean that they are trying to get your attention at that moment.
  • You’d rather learn by hearing. If you like to learn by listening rather than by reading, you could be clairaudient. Do you listen to your eBook purchases rather than read them? Would you rather listen to information about a topic? If so, you may be clairaudient.

How to further develop your clairaudient gift

Whether you’re well aware of your clairaudience gift or you’ve just begun to take notice, there are certain things you can do to further develop your gift.

Meditation. Spend some time daily in quiet meditation so that you can fine tune your inner ears. Take note of all the sounds you hear as you meditate, from the tiniest sound like a dog barking in the distance to your husband fumbling around in the kitchen. As you tune into each sound, you’re essentially giving your inner ears a workout when it comes to hearing on all levels. Start with just a few minutes and increase the time as you progress. If you can shoot for 15 to 20 minutes per day, you’ll be more apt to better your clairaudience skills.

Learn about the spiritual world. If you’re seeking to become more clairaudient, it’s a good idea to learn some about the spiritual world. After all, who will you be hearing voices from? There are various spiritual or angelic beings who offer information and messages to those who can hear. Most believe that each of us have spirit guides that want to guide us in this earthly life. See if you can learn to recognize your spirit guide voices, as well as other angelic beings.

Good news is that you can indeed receive information through clairaudience or other psychic channels. Sure, it takes time to develop such gifts, but that’s simply part of the process. Additionally, even if you aren’t prone to hearing inner voices from the other realm, there are plenty of other psychics who do this for you. They’re more than willing to tap into such realms to receive messages solely for you. Either way, your spirit guides would love to get in touch with you. Be open and utilize the variety of resources available to you in order to hear them.

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