Channeling – What Exactly Is It?


As human beings, we tend to like to communicate with each other by speaking, writing, or even non-verbal communication. Channeling is a form of communication between a human being and a spiritual or angelic being. It is when an entity (could even be an extra-terrestrial being) communicates through a human being, usually providing helpful or meaningful messages.

Think of channeling as a person allowing themselves to be overtaken by another entity for the purpose of communicating information. It’s not really possession in the sense of demon possession, as the channeler is welcoming the entity to speak through him or her. Someone who is interested in channeling will declare his or her interest beforehand and be open to specific or general entities seeking to get a message through.

The history of channeling

The practice of channeling has been around for many years. You can read about all sorts of witches, Shamans, prophets, mystics, and others channeling information from the other side throughout history. Some call channelers psychic mediums who channel according to their own spirit guides. They are essentially all operating in an expanded state of consciousness and allowing entities from other dimensions to spread their knowledge or give direction.

The use of meditation

Many channelers use meditation in order to achieve the state of consciousness they’re after in order to allow an entity to flow through them. Essentially what they are trying to do is tap into a higher consciousness. They may be trying to make contact with a certain spirit or entity, or they may be approached by a spirit they do not know who would like to communicate through them. Meditation is a great practice to help expand consciousness levels and open oneself up to the greater consciousness.

Well-known channelers

There have been numerous channelers in past who have become well-known for their channeling ability. Jane Roberts is a well-known American channeler who channeled an entity called Seth. Roberts is most known for her book called “Seth Speaks”, which has a plethora of information concerning spiritual truths. Shirley MacLaine is a well-known channeler from the late 20th century. She managed to get her own television show on the matter too. Today, popular entities being channeled are Abraham being channeled by Esther Hicks and Frank being channeled by Tracy Farquhar.

Is channeling for real?

There’s no 100% proof that the information channeled is from an entity from another dimension or afterworld, but there are some universal truths that have been channeled by various people. Those most interested in channeling do believe that one can tap into the universal consciousness through entities and gain valuable information and wisdom. Of course, there will always be frauds who try to pass off channeling as authentic, but those who have been in the New Age movement for a while can usually spot such fakes.

Most channelers choose to believe that the knowledge they bring forth is accurate and will somehow help humanity and the greater good. It’s a very interesting topic that many believe will increase in popularity over the years, as multitudes are seeking to expand consciousness individually and collectively.

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