Automatic Writing – Written Communication From The Spirits

automatic writing

Automatic writing is writing that does not come from one’s own thoughts or mind, but comes from an unconscious source. It is a form of channeling, which means that another force (Spirit, Source, Universal Mind, Higher Self, etc.) is dictating through you what it wants expressed in the physical realm. The writer holds the pen and physically writes down words, but the writer does not know ahead of time what will be written.

Automatic writing is an excellent way to channel messages from other dimensions or spirits. Sometimes the one doing the writing is in a trance state, while other times he or she is aware of immediate surroundings. The messages can come through whether you type of use your hand to write down the words, but many choose to write the messages by hand. As a psychic ability, it’s actually one of the easiest psychic abilities to develop.

Two ways of beginning automatic writing

There are two ways you can go about starting your own automatic writing. The first method is to sit alone and allow the spirits to take over and write through you. This does work for some, but if you’re not careful, you could allow the kinds of spirits that bring negative consequences to take over. If you’re super intuitive and trained though, this is an excellent way to invite spirits or high vibration beings to channel through you.

The second way you can perform automatic writing is to stay more aware of your surroundings (rather than get in a trance state) and allow the spirits to dictate to you what to write. This way you are lending an ear to the other side instead of allowing the spirits to control you. You simply get quiet, listen, and write what you hear within. Note that you will still need to be in a meditative frame of mind so that you are more apt to be hearing spirit’s voice instead of your own.

How you can begin the practice of automatic writing

Begin by sitting in an area that is quiet. Take a couple of minutes to open your chakras, starting at your root chakra and working your way up. Have your pen and paper handy. Get into a meditative state, concentrating on your breath. Pray a prayer of protection before you begin asking questions. This will help you be protected against entities that may not have your best interest at heart.

Now, ask your spirit guide(s) a question. Once you ask, continue to focus on your breath and listen for a response. You can begin with a question such as: “Who is there?” See if you can get a name from who is wanting to speak through you. Then, ask questions like, “What would you like to say through me today?”

automatic writing

Simply write down what comes to your mind. Sure, you may wonder if the words are really coming from the other realm or if they are your own thoughts. It’s normal to question the validity at first, but trust that the more consistent you are with taking time for automatic writing, the more apt you are to tune into the frequency of another entity who wants to channel through you. Try to make time for writing every day, even if it’s just a few minutes.

Automatic writing can also help you gain information and insight about your own personal life, as well as connect you with someone who has passed onto the other side. Don’t be afraid to ask questions that have been on your mind. The messages may come clear and succinct, or you may only get words or phrases. Additionally, you may not get an answer right away, but don’t let this keep you from continuing the practice. There’s something to be said about consistency and perseverance.

Keep in mind that automatic writing is not your chance for getting all the answers you’ve been seeking or the lotto numbers. Spirits will convey messages that they feel is important for the greater good and may hold back at times to see just how committed you are to them and the greater good. They are more like guides; not genies in a magic lamp.

Other ways automatic writing is used

  • Therapy. For those who like Freud’s tools in psychology, automatic writing is oftentimes suggested by therapists to those seeking to gain better insight into their own minds.
  • Religion. As discussed already, automatic writing is used for channeling purposes in Spiritualism. Helene Smith, psychic in the early 20th century, is one of the most famous automatic writers. She believed that Extra Terrestrial Entities were communicating through her to Earthlings.

Whether you use automatic writing as more of a self-discovery journey or you desire to channel information for the greater good, go ahead and begin practicing today. Practice meditation regularly and incorporate automatic writing as well. Just as with any writing ability, it takes practice and consistency, so keep at it regularly. You may notice that the more you meditate, the better flow of information that will come through you. Enjoy the process and the journey, allowing light and love to flow through you in every which way.

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