Auras – What Do The Colors Say About You?


Not everyone is clear as to what an aura is, even though they come up in conversations at times. They are certainly interesting entities worth learning about. In parapsychology, the aura is the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds a person, unseen by the naked eye, but visible by the mind’s eye.

It can extend out form a person usually about 3 feet, but they can extend further. For those interested in energy healing or psychic abilities, learning to see and read the aura is quite helpful.

The aura is made up of seven different layers that are interrelated, including the astral, lower, higher, spiritual, intuitional, and absolute. Each of these layers have different vibrational frequencies, representing emotional, physical, astral, rational, and spiritual components. In the same way that the chakras can become imbalanced, an aura can experience the same thing.

Understanding Auras

Let’s take a look at the various layers of the aura:

The 7 Aura Layers

  1. The physical aura layer

The physical layer of the aura is the one that is closest to us. It needs nurtured in order to be at optimal level. Those that struggle with emotional issues tend to have a darker physical layer.

  1. The astral aura layer

The astral layer corresponds to our emotional state, oftentimes being called the emotional layer. In this layer or plane, your history and experiences of emotions are stored. When your astral aura layer is off balance, you will feel more emotional than normal. You could feel super sensitive and maybe even irrational. What helps to get this layer back in balance is to visualize the color green or get into nature, where there is plenty of greenery.

  1. The lower mental aura layer

The lower mental layer has to do with the thought life. It’s actually the plane we spend most of our time in when we are awake, thinking, reasoning, and expanding our minds. We also store our beliefs and values in this plane. If this layer is out of balance, you may contend with frustration, sadness, or irritability.

  1. The higher mental aura layer

The higher mental aura is connected to the lower plane, but it goes deeper spiritually. We store our higher vibrational beliefs here, like gratitude, unconditional love, and self-love. So essentially, the way you’re talking to yourself matters, so regularly monitor what your self-talk looks like, keeping it to higher vibrational feelings and beliefs.

  1. The spiritual aura layer

The spiritual aura layer is the layer that connects us to the spiritual world and to others who are also spiritual. This is why when you’re tapped in and tuned to your spiritual nature, you tend to recognize others who are also tapped in right when you meet them. You may have a feeling of being kindred in spirit, recognizing that the both of you are aware of your spiritual nature.

  1. The intuitional aura layer

This is the layer that dreams, awareness, and intuition are stored.  This is the layer associated with enlightenment, holding feelings like acceptance, kindness, peace, and forgiveness. When you’re in the presence of someone with a very balanced intuitional aura layer, you feel like you’re in the presence of peace and joy. They simply radiate such loving and peaceful vibes that you love to be around them. They tend to spend a lot of time in their intuitional aura layer, cultivating harmony and continued expansion.

  1. The absolute aura layer

This layer is the one that brings all the other layers into harmony. This is the plane that stores all of your experiences from your journey and navigates your soul’s destiny.

Aura colors

There are colors associated with auras and you don’t necessarily need to be a clairvoyant to see them. Generally, auras are the various colors of a rainbow, with each color representing different meanings. Here are the colors with several possible correlations:

  • Energy, enthusiasm, strength.
  • Orange. Confidence, passionate, successful, extrovert
  • Smart, hardworking, perceptive
  • Imagination, determination, creative, practical
  • Blue. Communicator, intuition, intelligent
  • Sensitive, awareness, intuitive
  • Charismatic, artistic
  • White. Wisdom, abundance, health, enlightenment
  • Black. Negativity, depression, rage.

How to see your aura

Here is an exercise you can try in order to see your aura. First, get in front of a plain colored wall and stretch your arms toward the wall. Then, bring your index fingers together tip to tip as you face the wall. Keep your gaze on your fingers and begin pulling your fingers apart slowly, while at the same time relaxing your gaze (like zoning out). You may begin to see a light blue or grayish outline around your fingers. This is your aura!

You can practice seeing your own aura, as well as others. You may already sense auras; you’re just not aware of it. Have you ever met someone and were magnetically pulled to them? Or repulsed? That is you sensing their auras. With practice visually looking for auras, you will be able to see them as well. The more you practice, the better you should get at seeing energy fields.

Additional Learning

Here’s some additional resources about Auras if you’d like to learn more:

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