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askashic records

If you had a way to find out how your problems were actually serving your purpose, would you be interested in learning more? We can all probably agree that during this life journey we are going to encounter problems. Now, there are three ways we can go about approaching such problems. We can ignore them, as many people do. We can attempt to solve them via various means. Or we can come to understand the nature of life’s many problems and accept how ours can transform us in many great ways.

This may sound ridiculous to you, as most people tend to either ignore problems or spend years and years trying to figure out how to get through them with things like religion, personal development, and so on. But there is something that can help every person out called the Akashic Records and today, we’re going to delve into this topic.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are defined as the spiritual records of every person regarding their past, present, and future. This entails thoughts, feelings, and events. Yes, every single soul has its own Akashic Record and there is an actual Akashic Records Library that can be accessed to retrieve information about yourself. Of course, it’s not actually a physical location, but rather an energetic location that some call the zero point field or astral field. Wait, it gets even better. Not only can you gain information about yourself, but the Akashic Records also hold humanity’s collective wisdom, which can certainly benefit each person.

Akashic Records History

Ancient men and women from many cultures have accessed the Akashic Records from the beginning of time. People groups like the Tibetans, Indians, Egyptians, Greeks, Christians, Mayans, Druids, and more have long been accessing the collective wisdom of the Akashic Records. In fact, Nostradamus reports that he used Greek oracle methods to access the Records in order to make some of his predictions. In Egypt, there were those proficient in accessing the Akashic Records and reported to the Pharaohs regarding various events and to interpret dreams. Another well-known Akashic Record visitor was the healer Edgar Cayce.

Can anyone access the Akashic Records?

The general consensus is that anyone can access the records, but it does take some effort and practice to understand the contents. It holds true that the problems that we are encountering here on Earth are not just randomly happening. At the same time, they’re not useless blocks to joy either. Things are progressing on your journey even when you’re not aware of it. However, you’ll be able to move with more ease and flow when you understand the bigger picture of life.

How to access the Akashic Records

Some say that it’s easy to access the Akashic Records and some say it’s more challenging than they thought. It really is an individualized venture and may depend on various factors. What works for one person to access the Records may not work for another. However, there are some things you can do to make it easier to gain access.


It does take some intuition to access the Records, as well as to get into a meditative state. Take time regularly to meditate to get relaxed and clear your thoughts. You want your mind to be open and focused on accessing the Akashic Records. This may take you 10 minutes or it may take you much longer. There’s no magic number that will make you gain access, as it’s largely trial and error on your part. Don’t grow frustrated, as meditation is beneficial in so many ways, so no matter how long you stay in a meditative state, you’re certainly benefitting.

Be willing to accept what you find out

You’re more apt to gain access if you are open to getting information that you might not be thrilled about. You may find out that something traumatic happened in a previous life that you’re not ready to hear. If you’re not sure whether you can accept the truth, look at your life now and be honest about whether you are responsible with issues that pop up now. Do you take them head on or do you ignore them and sweep them under the carpet?

Set your intention

Ask your Spirit Guides to help you gain access to your Akashic Records. You can set your intention and speak your desires.

Final Thoughts

When you get information from the Akashic Records, it may come to you in images or like a movie in your mind’s eye. Some of your senses may be involved, like smell and taste. For example, you may smell an apple pie and have a snapshot of you baking an apple pie in a past life. You may wonder if what you are hearing or seeing is the real deal. Most of the time, the information that you receive that is truth will simply resonate with you. You’ll just know that it’s the truth.

Are you ready to access this informational super-highway? Make a commitment to regular meditation and trying to connect with this collective wisdom. Keep in mind that just as a muscle needs to exercise regularly to get strong, you need to exercise your intuition and spirituality in order to be able to access the Akashic records. Be patient and know that as you continue to draw inward spiritually, you’re becoming more in tune energetically with the zero point field.

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